Consign or Sell

We entertain offers to sell 19th and 20th century American and European paintings. Our expert staff is ready, willing and very able to assist in identifying and evaluating your paintings. But we need a little help from you.
It is very difficult to describe art of any kind over the phone. In general, we would prefer an image, either a color photograph or a digital image in jpeg format to be sent with a letter. After we have gone over your images and your letter, we can call or write with answers. Your letter should include information about signatures, dates, labels, condition of the item and size.
If you call, we will try to answer your questions but we will ask for a photo to be sure of our evaluation. 


We can also help you with appraisals on paintings. The fee for a written appraisal will be based on the time spent by the staff member.  Please give us a call first to discuss your item to see if we can be of help.

Then you will need to send a photo through the mail or through email as a jpeg with the following:

  1. Image including detail of signature
  2. Dimensions
  3. Medium
  4. Framing information
  5. Other relevant provenance information (labels, exhibition history)

Sell To Us

The gallery prefers that sellers provide a price for the work they wish to sell. If the gallery agrees to make an offer, the seller must be in a position to immediately respond to the offer. Our offers are only good for a short term, and will be discussed on an individual basis.

Consign with Us

The gallery also is willing to work on a consignment basis. The gallery sets up consignments on either a percentage basis or a net basis to the owner. We suggest that it is realistic to set up a six month consignment period. We do insure all works on consignment while hanging here at the gallery.