Paul Ashbrook

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Paul Ashbrook


Moroccan Street Scene

Oil on Canvas
24 x 18 inches
Signed Lower Left

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Paul Ashbrook was born in New York City in 1867.  He began his career in 1885 doing illustrations for Charles Klackner in NYC, and had a studio at the 10th Street Studio Building.  From 1900-1918, he headed the design department at Henderson Lithography Company in Cincinnati.  He taught illustration at the Cincinnati Art Academy from 1914-1919.  In 1917, he legally changed his name (Eschenbach) to its English translation, Ashbrook.  In 1919, he was a pall- bearer at Frank Duveneck’s funeral.  From 1920-29, he worked for the Strobridge Lithography Company, designing many of the Barnum & Bailey Circus posters.  From 1926- on he made regular painting and etching trips to Europe and Mexico.  He died of pneumonia while on a trip to Mexico.  He died in 1949 in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.


ASL with William Chase, 1885; Cincinnati Art Academy with Frank Duveneck, 1900


Cincinnati AC, 1900; MacDowell Soc.