Scott Ramming

Ramming_Doe_Run_12 x 14_low.jpg
Ramming_Doe_Run_12 x 14_low.jpg

Scott Ramming


Doe Run

Oil on Board

12 x 14 inches

Signed Verso

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The last couple years I’ve embarked on a series of paintings depicting the landscape of the Ohio River Valley. My approach draws on the traditions of plein air painting. I work rapidly from observation on site before the light changes the space too far from the initial moment I responded to. A small to medium panel has been just the right size to enable my wet into wet working method an opportunity to form a response to the surroundings. The work relates to the experience of seeing. These are spaces that are charitable in their play of relationships and encourage moments of discovery.  

Group Exhibitions

2018       Plein Air, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

2017       Art from Art, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

2017       National Juried Painting Exhibition, University of Southern Mississippi Museum of Art Hattiesburg, MS

2017       9th National Juried Exhibition, Prince Street Gallery, New York, NY

2017       Portals, ACS Gallery, Chicago, IL

2017       Got Dress in the Dark, divisible, Dayton, OH

2015       Golden Ticket, Clifton Cultural Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH

2015       Works on Paper, Gallery One One at Brazee Street Studios, Cincinnati, OH

2014       Witching Hour, Modern Makers, Cincinnati, OH

2014       Perceptual Painters: A Contemporary Movement, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

2012       International Painting Annual, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, Exhibition in print

2011       Observed, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH