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Trish Weeks


Autumn Grace #3

12 x 12 inches

Signed Verso

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Trish Weeks is a graduate of UC DAAP with a BS in Design who has received awards in numerous juried shows from the local to national level for her colorful expressionistic painting.  Her works are represented in galleries around the USA, and included in private and corporate collections throughout the world.

Trish’s signature work portrays expressionist views of nature; created by combining simple compositions and complex layers of color. This is achieved using a palette knife, which allows her to intensify the impact and clarity of the colors.

She has been making spaces beautiful her entire work life. Trish started her creative career as a UC-DAAP graduate with a BS in design, but quickly transcended the confines of design for landscape painting.

Trish draws inspiration from the plein-air, particularly the organic landscapes that span a range from rolling hills to water and beaches. Her award winning work has been featured in numerous shows, including exhibits at the Taft Museum, the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Carnegie Art Center, the Columbus Art Museum, the Pizzuti Collection, and the Lloyd Library and Museum. 

Buyers consistently report that her art makes them feel good, thus it is no surprise that Trish is represented by several galleries across the country and included in private and corporate collections throughout the world.

Trish’s paintings are complex layers of color and texture, informed by her painting trips to Europe, India, China, Japan and Nepal, which result in a tactile “dance with color.” She works with the palette knife, creating bold swaths that intensify the color experience. Despite her strong technique, her composition and palette maintain a serenity, and the subject maintains a delicacy. Trish’s art achieves a unique balance in its constituent elements, which may account for the sense of well being it brings to viewers.