Jack Arthur Wood, Jr.


Jack Arthur Wood, Jr.


Coming, Comers, Come
Reductive Woodcut and Multi-plate Intaglio with à la poupé wiping
23 x 18 inches

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"I make works camped in hybridity. In between processes of printmaking and landscape painting  the effort is to marry disparate conditions. Both processes assume a valence of anxiety mediation  activated through layered mark and fixation. Manic impulse is diffused through the consternation of layered acrylics and oil based inks used in woodcut printmaking. Paintings are used as studies for woodcuts and vice versa, woodcuts finding dual purpose in collage. The resulting images are formally concerned with gradient and convulsion, evoking natural beauty in transitions of daylight. My surfaces lobby for romanticism, while their darker recesses are keenly suffused with an ether of paranoia. I aim to saturate luminous horizons with subtle traces of deep anxiety."                                                                     - Jack Wood

“Jack Arthur Wood Jr. is an artist. Art is in Wood’s blood. It propels him. Wood’s linoleum block prints are detailed, daunting and important to the practice of woodcutting and printmaking. Wood attended Guilford College in North Carolina. During his first semester he enrolled in a basic printmaking class, and from then on printmaking engulfed his life.

- Jack Ellenberger


2015 to present - Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi, TX MFA in Studio Art 

2014 -  Guilford College Greensboro, NC BA in Studio Art in Printmaking, Minor in Religious Studies