Susan Mahan

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Best Day Ever CAG.jpeg
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Susan Mahan


Best Day Ever

Mixed Media

36 x 36 inches

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I grew up in a home filled with creativity. My mother was a painter and my father was a writer who also dabbled in advertising. As a child I rejected art classes and learned to speak Spanish and play tennis. While a freshman at Miami University, I discovered the Art Department was where I belonged. I received my degree in Art and Education with a heavy concentration in Art History. My career as an art teacher took me to several schools, finally finding my school home at Mariemont High School. I spent 25 years teaching art at Mariemont. During that time I earned my Master’s Degree from Xavier University. My continued art education was filled with classes at the Art Academy, Miami summer courses and classes with a local artist. I retired from teaching in 2006 to devote my energy to being a full time artist. Most recently, I returned to Xavier to teach a drawing class for the Art Department.

The best things I have learned in my studies I learned in my own classroom. Thirty three years in the classroom teaching art to high school students taught me many things. Value every ” accident” with the materials you use… it may lead to something unimagined and great. Be spontaneous with your work. You can capture that energy. Another pair of eyes can help you work your way out of a corner. A schedule is not necessarily a bad thing. It can help you develop a great work ethic. Art history is a wonderful place to start.

The main thing I learned from my parents, teachers, students and friends is: Never stop learning. Education doesn’t end when you earn a degree. It is just the beginning.