Cynthia Osborne Hoskin

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Cynthia Osborne Hoskin


Peonies & Rose

8 x 6 inches

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Hoskin is a pioneer in “Scanart”. Starting in the late ‘90s, she perfected a method of photographing live and found objects using a scanner in place of a camera, rendering prints with an immediacy and depth that is uncanny. Wrote Steve Jones in Arts Across Kentucky in 1999:

“(She) . . . can not see the work until it is finished, so the moment of truth arrives after creation. Shifting materials, misdirected light angles, falling petals, and other mishaps may cause Hoskin to get lucky early or to make as many as 100 attempts to achieve the images she desires.”

Hoskin describes the work as acrobatic in nature, as she has to hold fabric away from a delicate flower, anchor various elements and often hit the “enter” key on the computer with a toe.

Hoskin has had many area group and one-woman shows and is owned by collectors as far away as Japan.