John Kluesener


John Kluesener


Tiger Swallowtail

Oil Pastel on Paper

20 x 20 inches

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Born on June 5, 1953, in Cincinnati, Ohio, John Kluesener is rapidly emerging as one of America’s most talented contemporary landscape artists.

At a very early age the cultural richness of the city of Cincinnati began to influence Kluesener’s natural talent. A successful painter in her own rite, John’s mother often took her large family to the prestigious Cincinnati Art Museum. Later, during his years of study at the Cincinnati Art Academy, John saw and was inspired by other great Cincinnati artists-Henry Farney, John Twachtman, and Frank Duveneck.

While a student, the lush farmlands and gently rolling hills of Ohio served as a backdrop and subject matter for his early works. The seeds of inspiration were beginning to germinate in the psyche of artist John Kluesener, “My work is, of course inspired by the great Impressionist painters. The play of light as it falls on the land is where I begin. My intense love and desire to “commune” with the physiography of the land that I see before me, continues the inspirational process. Finally, the physical action of “the stroke” of color applied to the surface becomes the intense culmination of my expression.

The strength of Kluesener’s work includes his brilliant understanding and handling of the interactive properties of color and light. The radical brushwork of the impressionists is built upon by him in the strength and confidence of his own marks on the surface of the canvas and paper...Kluesener’s articulation of color is bold and daring, and reflects his understanding of the work of Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne, and Matisse. This blend of influences emphasizes the sophistication of Kluesener’s work. Kluesener’s colors are derived from nature as filtered through the Impressionists and Post Impressionists. The colors are significantly heightened and distorted, emphasizing the pristine quality of the landscape being rendered in the work.

This sense of pristine, open space in a Kluesener landscape is aptly contributed through his consummate understanding of the photo processes. His professional experience as a commercial and technical photographer has added to his complete understanding of “the scene.” As the artist states, “I see essentially two different worlds: one world, through the eyes of the photographer, viewing the world in terms of tone, lights and darks. The other world I see comes from my inner spirit, and is vibrantly colored...the almost dream world of my art as landscapes.”