Mark Serrianne


Mark Serrianne


Long Night

Assemblage Sculpture Art

16 x 10 x 9 inches

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A rare antique find in Maine of a table top roulette wheel (that spins)
surrounded by vintage dice, miniature playing cards of 4 aces and chips,
miniature liqueur bottle with liqueur stained glass and Tophat Cigarettes.
Mounted on a double-tiered wood stand.

Artist Statement and Biography

After a career in advertising (formerly CEO of Cincinnati-based Northlich), Mark's love for great design, primitive antiques and unusual found objects all converged to form his creation of assemblages.

"Some works convey a message, some an outgrowth of a  personal story, some a flight of fantasy and others are simply compositions that just look and feel right.  Each one has been put through the torture test of long stares.   My work aims to give very special found objects a new life and context."

A collection of Serrianne assemblages were exhibited in February, 2017 at the juried national show of the American Craft Council in Baltimore, Maryland.