Mark Daly


Mark Daly


Sunlight Boat, Old Gloucester


16 x 20 inches

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Mark's paintings portray memorable impressions of life that he enjoys--patriotic flags flowing along the avenues of a vibrant city, families playing at the beach, sailboats reflecting in a calm Maine harbor...

Mark paints with passion, purpose and a lot of elbow grease. He views painting as an inspired journey of continual learning. His goal is to create timeless works of enduring excellence.

To start a painting, Mark uses both direct observation of nature and imagination. He visualizes the composition--defining the center of interest, orchestrating how shapes work together and edges interplay. He then lets his heart and mind capture a strong sense of light, honest color, and confident brushwork. Mark's hope is that the finished painting connects personally and emotionally with the viewer.


Mark was taught to draw at an early age by his mother, and by Woodhull Young, a marine painter and curator of the Vanderbilt Museum. More recently, CW Mundy, a master artist, has mentored Mark.

Daly's work has been featured in solo and group shows and is in many private and corporate collections. He has received prominent awards in national juried art exhibitions. He is a Signature Member of the American Impressionist Society and Cincinnati Art Club. He is also a member of Oil Painters of America and the Greenacres Artist Guild. Daly has studios in Ohio and Maine. He travels worldwide to paint from life.

Mark has been blessed with several God-given talents. Besides painting, he is a composer of original mandolin music and a voting member of the Grammy's. He has been a visionary leader of several successful businesses. He is author of Five Steps to Board Success and has served on many business and not-for-profit Boards. Mark has leveraged the wisdom gleaned from his business, musical and life experiences to be a better painter.

Mark graduated from Cornell University's College of Arts and Sciences. He has a master's degree in strategic planning from The University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School.