Cindy Walton

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Walton-Cliff dwellings3 cindywalton 24x24inches $1485.jpg
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Cindy Walton


Cliff Dwellings 3

Oil and Cold Wax

24 x 24 inches

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Cindy Walton has developed highly personalized techniques that translate and transform nature and iconography. As a result, her pictures, whether abstract or figurative, are transformative interpretations rather than literal renderings. She is particularly expert in the use of extremely demanding cold wax methods.

Cold wax medium is a paste made of beeswax, solvent and varnish that has the consistency of butter. With this paste of wax and oil paint, she is able to brush, spread, dab, or roll the paint on the surface of a wooden panel. The layers can be scraped, gouged or written on, this allows for an more intuitive way of painting and mark making, the paintings explode with color and texture. “The layers become the history of the painting like layers of earth, or experiences of a person. These layers can be translucent, opaque, hiding or revealing. I have found abstraction to be the best avenue to communicate these experiences.”

Cindy Walton earned a baccalaureate degree in art from Salem College, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and a bachelor of fine arts degree from the University of North Carolina.

Her work has been exhibited at the Asheville Art Museum, South Cobb (Georgia) Arts Alliance, Florida’s National Vernissage des Femmes Artistes exhibit, and been featured in an independent film, “A Dance for Bethany,” and in the television series, “Past Life.”