Bryan Hunt


Bryan Hunt


Vector, 1988

Etching, ed. 5/25

18 x 9 inches

Signed Lower Right

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Bryan Hunt (b.1947)

Bryan Hunt's abstract sculptures are derived from fragments of the natural world. Born in Indiana and raised both there and in Florida, Hunt first studied architecture at the University of South Florida. He later moved to California and enrolled at the Otis Art Institute, a school with a rigid classical curriculum. 

In the early 1970s, Hunt began to create models of well-known architectural landmarks such as the Empire State Building, Hoover Dam, and the Great Wall of China. By 1976 his work changed considerably. Inspired by Willem de Kooning's expressionistic sculptures, Hunt translated elements directly from the landscape--such as lakes, quarries, and waterfalls--into richly carved, abstract forms isolated from their original contexts.

biography from the archives of askART