In the fall of 2018 Cincinnati Art Galleries offered for sale to the public, with huge success, a number of works from Ashland Inc. (formerly Ashland Oil). We are proud to offer a second grouping of over 75 paintings, prints, etchings, woodcuts, silkscreens, and sculptures from the Ashland collection. This collection was originally assembled over many years from the early 1970’s through the 1990’s with the help of curators and art dealers from New York City, Chicago, Washington, D.C., London, England and elsewhere.

Artists Include: Harold Altman, Karel Appel, Yannick Ballif, Herbert Bayer, Alexander Calder, Patrick Caulfield, Deborah Chlebek, David Dowis, Joseph English, Rafael Ferrer, John Gordon, John Hewitt, Howard Hodgkin, Gordon House, Dzevad Hozo, Paul Jenkins, Amano Kazumi, Robert Kipniss, Norman Laliberte, Bruno Lucchesi, Terence Millington, Mick Moon, LeRoy Neiman, Linda Plotkin, Shirley Roman, David Shapiro, Harriet Shorr, Carol Summers, Joe Tilson, John Walker, Steve Watts and Others