Adam Hayward

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Adam Hayward



Oil on Canvas

30 x 40 inches

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Artist Statement Lyrical Light Series
I grew up working on my family owned winery in Southern Ohio.  Nature surrounded me on all sides from the cultivated vineyards to the deep woods. Those experiences continue to fuel my imagination and drive my ambition to capture those ideas on canvas. 
In my formative years, our home was filled with prints of mystical landscapes.  I discovered years later that these images were created by the artist from “The Golden Age of Illustration”, Maxfield Parrish. Parrish, one of the major influences on Norman Rockwell, was a major influence on my own desire to create; an influence that became ingrained.
I attained my Bachelor of Fine Arts, from Miami University, in Graphic Design in 1993 and an MA in Art Education from Miami University as well in 1998. With that training, I began to explore other artists and movements throughout the world as far back as 970 A.D. Intrigued by the formulas and creative elegance of the Chinese and Japanese painting throughout time, my work began to evolve into my own version of a controlled gesture of Nature.
Personally, I find the act of creating to be euphoric and chaotic, which I find to be an exciting challenge to control on canvas.  Much like life, the studio is a relationship to be constantly appreciated for the grandeur and nuance it provides towards the creative process.
Adam Hayward has exhibited regularly in Ohio, as well as in Michigan, New Mexico, Vermont, and throughout the Virgin Islands. His work is collected extensively both nationally and internationally.

Collections and Public Commissions
People Working Cooperatively, Cincinnati, OH.
Art Works: Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Liberty Township, OH.
D’Art for Art, Petoskey, MI.
Women Helping Women, Cincinnati, OH.
Green Living, Cleveland, OH.
Mater Ecclesia Institute, Cincinnati, OH.
Frisch’s Restaurant, Inc. Corporate, Cincinnati, OH.
Seven Hills Schools, Cincinnati, OH.
Delta Kappa Epsilon, Oxford, OH.