Franz Strahalm

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Franz Strahalm


Early Farm with Stream
Oil on Canvas
7 1/2 x 15 inches
Signed Lower Left

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The following is from Anthony Asch, grandson of the artist:

In 1922, Franz Strahalm (1879-1935) changed his name briefly to Frank Horst and published works under that name until 1923. The dates of these works are important as there was another artist named Frank Horst who's works appeared during a different time frame. Mr. Strahalm changed his name in 1922 out of frustration with frequent misspellings and mispronunciations of his name in the press. 

As the story goes, he was in New York for an exhibit when a reporter asked him if his name was pronounced "Horse". This infuriated Mr. Strahalm who snapped back. "No, it is Horst, you jackass!"

Soon thereafter, the name was changed back to Franz Strahalm. If you own or discover any paintings by Frank Horst dated 1922 or 1923, you very likely are looking at a work by Franz Strahalm.

Although he was most recognized for his landscape paintings, Franz Strahalm also painted portraits and still lifes. Most of the whereabouts of these paintings are now unknown. However, a large number of press clippings and photographs of paintings at point of sale do exist and are in the process of being archived.

Franz Strahalm was my grandfather. He had two sons and one daughter. Both sons are now deceased and his surviving daughter is my Mother. We are currently compiling a complete history on Franz Strahalm.