Joseph Scheuerle

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Joseph Scheuerle


Red Bear /Arapaho, 1917

Watercolor / Gouache

13 x 9 inches

Signed Lower Right

Inventory ID: RS864

Text on Reverse:
Red Bear
Arapaho Indian
Wind River Res. Wyo 1917
A fine, big fellow, middle aged, Arapahoes and Shoshoni live together on the Reservation formerly enemies, and still so - each tribe sticking, and mingling into the affairs of the other.  One way getting along - a large number of Arapahoes live with the Cheyennes in Oklahoma - they visit back and forth with their Wyo relatives - I met quite a few of the Okla. Arapahos at the time of my visit, the Res. is in the foothills of the Teton lands and much of the character of Yellowstone Park, with hot springs bubbling out of ground - and a fine view of the Mts.  They had a big dogfeast, everybody bringing puppies for the occasion.  I have a number of good photos of the affair.  J Scheuerle

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Joseph Scheuerle was born in Vienna, Austria in 1873.  He came to Cincinnati in 1882.  He was apprenticed to a lithographer and afterwards employed as a commercial artist.
In 1896 he sketched Indians for posters.  In 1900 he moved to Chicago, where he worked as an illustrator and produced Buffalo Billposters.  He made trips West, painting the Sioux Indians in 1909, the Crow and Blackfoot, 1910, the Cheyenne in 1911 and others.  He was a friend of C.M. Russell, Gollings, and de Young.  He moved back to Cincinnati during WWI and to NYC in 1923.  He died in South Orange, New Jersey in 1948.

Cincinnati Art Academy

Cincinnati Art Club

Boileau College, Birmingham, Michigan

WW04; P&H Samuels, 423