Alexander Helwig Wyant


Alexander Helwig Wyant


The Summer Woods

Oil on Canvas
12 x 16 inches

Signed Lower Right

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Alexander Helwig Wyant
(American, 1836-1892)
Alexander Helwig Wyant was born in Evans Creek, Ohio in 1836.  He was a member of the second generation of Hudson River School painters who painted landscapes that were often poetic, moody and atmospheric.  His style was closely aligned with the American Barbizon movement.  Wyant was encouraged by George Inness and he was funded by Nicholas Longworth to study for a year at the National Academy in New York and also travel to Germany in 1865.  He also visited England where he was influenced by Constable and Turner.  At age 37, he suffered a paralytic stroke which forced him to learn to paint with his left hand.   

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