Bukang Yu Kim


Bukang Yu Kim


Ocean Scape
Mixed Media on Paper

29 1/2 x 41 1/2 inches


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Bukang Y. Kim is a Korean-born American artist whose work seamlessly combines traditional East Asian technique with contemporary Western style. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Seoul National University and her Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati. Since 1987, Kim has regularly showcased her work in both solo and group exhibitions, including shows in Cincinnati, New York, Seoul and Prague. She has been recognized with multiple awards including the grand prize of the new artists exhibition in Seoul in 1966, the Mary and Polli Greenberg award from the Columbus Art Museum in 1991, in the city of Cincinnati's individual artist Grant in 1996. Her works can be seen in private permanent collections around the world including South Korea, the Czech Republic, and the United States.

"Kim's rich and complex blend of colors and dynamic layered texture show us how she has mastered the gestural abstraction as a motive expression, yet her style remains unique and beyond definition.  The path Kim has traveled in the development of her artistic style is long and inspirational. Her migration to the United States not only led her to develop a new sensitivity to the arts and cultures of her Korean homeland but also helped her help provide her with a completely new cultural identity, reshaping both her technical and spiritual artistic perspective."  

-Hou-mei -Sung, Ph.D.

"Bukang Kim appears to have assimilated, and is a worthy heir to, both the spontaneity of gesture in Zen painting and in Abstract Expressionism; these two modes of painting have much in common, where the application of ink or paint, is meant to be rapid, spontaneous, gestural, both capturing the essence of an object, a natural phenomena and or a feeling state. Her gestures marks and strokes bear a strong resemblance to the calligraphy of Asian paintings while circling back to the abstractly expressive, utilizing the all-over field: hew work brings to mind Rothko, Kline, and most interesting Clifford Styll."

-Daniel Brown