Frank Harmon Myers

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Myers_Harbor Moonlight 11243.jpg
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Frank Harmon Myers


Harbor Moonlight
Oil on Canvas Board
25 x 30 inches
Signed Lower Right


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Frank Myers
(American, 1899-1956)
Frank Myers was born in Cleves, Ohio in 1899. He was a well known marine and landscape painter, muralist, and teacher. He visited the Monterey Peninsula for the first time in 1926; painted in Provincetown, 1927; Cape Ann, 1931; Santa Fe, 1932-33; Rockport, 1937; finally settling in Pacific Grove, Monterey Peninsula in 1940. He taught at the Art Academy of Cincinnati from 1921-1941. He also taught studio classes at the University of Cincinnati.

Art Academy of Cincinnati with Duveneck, H. Wessel, J.E. Weiss; PAFA summer school with Garber, Breckenridge, Pearson; Am. School at Fontainebleau, France with Despujols, Gourguet, 1923

Cincinnati AC; Carmel AA; Cincinnati Assn. Prof. Artists; PAFA, 1928; CM, 1923-40; Chicago Gal. Assn

Closson’s Gal., Cincinnati, 1921-44; PAFA Ann., 1926; S. Indp. A., 1929, 1931; Vose Gal., Boston, 1937; Carmel AA, 1943-53; Oakland AM, 1953 (silver medal); Cin. Art Acad., 1988

Mural, Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati; landscape, Cincinnati Women’s Club; Univ. Cincinnati; Hughes H.S., Cincinnati; Miami Univ., OH; Mus. New Mexico

WW47; Hughes, Artists of California, 396; Samuels, 340; Richard Boyle, exh. cat., Once by the Pacific (Art Acad. Cincinnati, 1988); Falk