Walter Farndon


Walter Farndon


Roadside Market

Oil on Board

14 x 18 inches

Signed Lower Right

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Walter Farndon was born in Coventry, England in 1876 and soon immigrated to the United States and settled in Yonkers, NY.  His first job was as a designer at a carpet company, painting watercolor floral motifs that would be made into rugs.  He decided to pursue a full time career as an artist and enrolled in the National Academy of Design, where he was later elected an Associate in 1928, and an Academician in 1937.  He also studied with Robert Henri and was a member of the Society of Independent Artists.  Farndon traveled extensively along the East Coast and New England finding favorite seaside locations such as Monhegan Island, Boothbay Harbor, Gloucester, MA, Long Island and Nova Scotia. He died in 1964 in Valley Stream, NY.


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