Tim Folzenlogen

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Tim Folzenlogen


Flow 1999

Oil on Board

13 x 19 inches

Signed Verso

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Tim Folzenlogen was born May 2, 1952 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Folzenlogen is a painterly realist painter based in New York City. He graduated form the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 1974. In his artist statement Folzenlogen writes "I’ve always considered myself to be a classically trained artist, and a lot of that has to do with time spent at The Art Academy, where there was a strong emphasis on drawing and painting. I established my first studio in NYC in the early eighties, caught the East Village wave from start to finish, moved on to Allan Stone Gallery on the Upper East Side, and then MB Modern once Allan retired. I’ve also shown in Japan a lot, but I would always touch base with Cincinnati every few years or so with a project or a show. I think that my greatest strength as an artist is that I’ve never had a fallback position. I’ve always been a slave to my inspirations and uncompromisingly follow them wherever they may lead. My main focus at this time is Cincinnati. I strongly believe that it is about to become the visionary art capitol of the world."

Many of his works depict architectural details and scenes of American life illuminated with scintillating rays of light. He is also known for his masterful still life paintings, his bold and expressive charcoal drawings and clever cartoons.

Dorn Townsend writes in the Manhattan Times "The everyday aspects of the city have seldom been translated with such brio and glowing reverence" and "every color and every gesture stirs inside the viewer.”

In Artspeak Ed McCormack writes: "...few painters - aside from Wayne Thiebaud, the California artist generally acknowledged as the grand old man of Painterly Realism - have fully succeeded in this complex endeavor. A singular exception is the young Ohio born painter Tim Folzenlogen.... Like Hopper, Folzenlogen is a true painter of the American scene, with the ability to convey a sense of the urban experience in formal rather than anecdotal, terms, establishing emotional resonance through spatial tensions and strong tonal contrasts.”