O. Farsky


O. Farsky


Oil on Canvas
27 x 35 inches

Signed Lower Right 

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Aldrich Otto Farsky was a landscape painter who was formerly from Chicago and was a resident of Los Angeles in 1925-1928. His paintings include scenes of Antelope Valley near Palmdale. He died in Berwyn, Illinois and is the brother of Edward Aldrich Farsky (1900-1973). - "Artists in California 1786-1940"

Biography from AskART:
The following is from Mrs. Glenna Holbury who writes:

"This is only a bit of information that I have to offer on Oldrich Farsky. I am not a dealer or with a museum. Even though it is very little, the information may fit in with whatever else you may have on him. "

I have a print of Mr. Farsky, himself. He is dressed in a handsome suit and is holding a palette and a paint brush. It is not a full length or a bust, but is from his hips up. If one just glanced at his picture they would think it is an actual photo. I am quite sure it is a print of some kind. His picture is adhered to a gray, but yellowing mat like photographers used. What is interesting is that he must have presented it to a friend. He has written at the bottom of the mat in ink:

Maloval professor Ant. Sterba Under that he says: Svemu milemu Triteli venuje (or vemye, or veniye): (and signed it) Oldrich Farsky 7 Dubna 1924

I have not typed this correctly, since I believe it may be Czechoslovakian and there are marks over some of the letters. There are little circles over each "u", and other marks that I am not familiar with.