Eric Greiner

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Greiner_Green Belt_low.jpg

Eric Greiner


Green Belt

Oil on Linen

36 x 30 inches

Signed Lower Left

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Eric Greiner is a painter and sculptor, and a 1986 graduate of the Art Academy of Cincinnati. His paintings, most of which he refers to as “gemscapes,” are landscape based polydimensional images rooted in contrasts studying interconnections of simultaneously coexisting spaces.

Influences include: Analytical Cubism, Ansel Adams, Buckminster Fuller, Brancusi, Corot, Cezane, Daubigny, Escher, Feininger, Rodin, Art Deco, Futurism, Hudson River school, mineralogy, and natural sciences.

Paint on canvas is a static medium. It is this artist’s intent to create illusions of depth, movement, form, and place while in a sort of static - kinesis. Consider the picture plane; flat, two dimensional. Introduce a subject, be it object or vista, and three are suggested. This in turn creates a polarity of positive and negative space which can exchange their roles. Within the spaces there are axes and intersections that imply alternate spaces coexisting simultaneously. Using landscape as a familiar vehicle, the Artist coaxes the viewer to step into constantly shifting geometrically abstract spaces; a place of crystaline flux.

While most of his paintings have a hard geometric aspect, in contrast his sculptures tend to be curvilinear and organic in form as could be seen previously at Cincinnati Art Galleries. He has exhibited in various juried exhibitions and his works are in multiple private and corporate collections across the country.