Edward T. Hurley


Edward T. Hurley


Playtime in the Park

Oil on Canvas
28 x 22 inches

Signed Lower Left

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Edward T. Hurley (1869-1950)

Edward T. Hurley was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1869.  He painted landscapes for the Rookwood Pottery Company from 1896-1948.  He was most famous for his etchings and illustrations.  He was the author and illustrator of Familiar Scenes, 1937, Memories, 1943, and eight books on Cincinnati.  He was also the creator of "Hurley Bronzes."  He died in Cincinnati in 1950.


Xavier Univeristy; Cincinnati Art Academy, 1894-98 with Beck and Duveneck


Cincinnati SE; SAE; Ohio Print Makers; The Crafters; Cincinnati AC; Duveneck Soc. PS


NAD; AIC; Herron AI; CM; CI; Corcoran Gall, 1910, 1912, 1916; Louisiana Purchase Exhibition; AIC, 1921 (prize); St. Louis World’s Fair, 1904; Columbus, 1921 (prize)


LOC; NGA; NYPL; CM; BM; Richmond, IN; Detroit Inst. Art; Paris; London; Art Assn; Indianapolis; TMA; St. Xavier Univ.; Cincinnati Club; Newman Club; Univ. Cincinnati; YMCA; Western Hills HS; National Gal. Ireland, Dublin; CMA


WW47; Cincinnati Painters of the Golden Age, 76 (w/ illus)