William Mason Brown


William Mason Brown


Landscape with Cabin

Oil on Canvas

18 x 24 inches

Signed Lower Center

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William Mason Brown

(American, 1828-1898)

William Mason Brown was born in Troy, New York in 1828.  Originally trained as a portraitist, Brown began painting landscapes around 1850.  After 1858, he focused almost entirely on still life, creating crisp, detailed renderings of fruits and flowers arranged in natural settings, both indoors and out.  His "Basket of Peaches Upset," caused a sensation when it was bought by a New York art dealer for what was then the extremely high price of $2000.  The painting was then reproduced by the relatively new process of chromolithography, broadening the audience for Brown’s work.  Its popularity encouraged the color lithographing of similar-type fruit paintings by other artists.


With Abel Buel Moore in Troy, NY


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Peabody Inst., Baltimore (MD); J.B. Speed Museum, Louisville, KY; PAFA


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