T.A. Boyle

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T.A. Boyle


Red Herring

Mixed Media

11 x 14 inches

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Artist Statement

"I was born in 1956 (the same year Shirley and Lee recorded Let the Good Times Roll) in a suburb of Detroit affectionally known as Taylortucky. As a child I bounced from school to school having my lunch money stolen and getting beaten up on the play-ground.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I needed protection. I had a bit of talent with a paintbrush and managed to prove my worth to a hulk of a man named Clean Head Fred. I painted a cute little pin-up girl on the gas tank of his Harley and was taken in as a sort of mascot for the Detroit chapter of the Iron Horsemen. 

During one of our frequent rides, we found ourselves in Cincinnati. I was eighteen at the time.  Clean Head Fred and his girl, Hacksaw Annie, kind and nurturing folk that they were, knowing that the road was no place for someone of my creative disposition, bound me hand and foot and deposited me at the front steps of the Art Academy of Cincinnati before riding off into the sunset. 

I graduated in 1979, the rest, as they say, is history." 

Terry Boyle


Collector's Art Group was established as CAG Framing & Restoration Inc. in 1994. With over 40 years of art restoration, conservation, and custom framing experience, Terry Boyle, president and owner of CAG, is respected as one of the premier art conservators in Cincinnati. He has worked on collections for numerous esteemed clients and museums including, the Cincinnati Art Museum, Taft Museum of Art and the Cincinnati Museum Center.