Louis Apol


Louis Apol


The Old Bridge
Oil on Board
7 x 11 inches

Signed Lower Right 

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Dutch painter Louis Apol had an exceptionally natural talent and gained success at a young age.  Encouraged by his father, he began taking private lessons as a child and later studied under Johannes Franciscus Hoppenbrouwers (1819-1866) and P. Stortenbecker at The Hague Academy.

Apol specialized in winter landscapes, making his mark by composing works without figures.  These stark, desolate paintings brought him much success, winning gold medals and gaining recognition from Queen Wilhemina and her mother Emma, who purchased his work.

As a result of these important purchases, he attained achievement both in other parts of Europe and the United States.  His most famous piece, A January Day (which he painted at the age of 25), is currently in a collection at the Amsterdam Municipal Museum.

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