Paul Chidlaw


Paul Chidlaw


Color Rubbing

Mixed Media
4 1/2 x 8 inches

Estate Stamp Verso

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Paul Chidlaw was born in Cleves, Ohio in 1900.  He resided in Cincinnati for the majority of his life.  He was a modern painter and teacher.  His colorful abstract paintings often suggested landscapes.  He also was known for his calligraphy-like gesture drawings.   He mentored numerous aspiring artists at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.  His artwork in displayed in the Cincinnati Art Museum and Xavier University.  There is a gallery in the Art Academy of Cincinnati named the "Chidlaw Gallery", because they considered him to be one of the finest artists (and certainly the earliest abstract expressionist) in the 20th century in the Cincinnati area. Towards the end of his life, his eyesight failed.  He then turned to music to inspire his final abstract paintings.


Art Academy of Cincinnati; Fontainebleau School of FA


Cincinnati Association of Professional Artists


PS Federal Buildings, 1936; 48 States Comp.; Cincinnati AM, 1939


Cincinnati Zoological Gardens; Liberty Street USPO, Cincinnati