Edie Mckee Harper


Edie Mckee Harper


Acrylic on Canvas

8 x 16 inches

Signed Lower Right

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Edie Harper, the wife of the late Charley Harper was a wonderfully talented and accomplished artist in her own right. Charley and Edie met in 1940 at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Edie's subjects include Cincinnati scenes, such as the annual ascent of the faithful to the summit of Mount Adams, "Stairway to Immaculata" (undated). Her bird's-eye view of Sharon Woods (undated) is a lighthearted study in form and color. (We learn in the caption that the pair were wading there in a creek when they learned of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.) She flirted with cubism in her oil painting, "Maestro," in 1946, which possibly evokes the conductor Leonard Bernstein. Brett Harper sees Picasso in her "bag of tricks," especially the classical guitar in the foreground.

Todd Oldham brought both Charlie's and Edie’s work to a larger audience. Oldham’s massive monograph Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life chronicles Charley’s six-decade career and the story of his and Edie’s lives.

Oldham said that “Edie Harper was just as lovely a woman as she was a great artist. She had an easy assimilation of any medium she was working in. She brought elegance and a new point of view to all that she touched, as a team, Charley and Edie were art megastars. They were endlessly and honestly supportive of each other’s work. They were a true and magical love story.”